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Dr. Narrett’s Latest Book
Culture of Terror: the Collapse of America
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In Culture of Terror Eugene Narrett accomplishes a remarkable task: defining and identifying the roots of postmodernism in the scientific utopianism of the Enlightenment. Dr. Narrett explains and traces the increasing totalitarian core of this drive to control and “perfect” human beings to the media “distraction machine.” Using core texts from political philosophy and literature, he follows the Romantic revolution in values and scientific utopianism, through Modernism and its suicidal, relativistic, power mad postscript, postmodernism. Using a broad palette of great writings from many disciplines he traces America’s regression to nihilistic paganism directed by an oligarchy and a new, hi-tech feudalism that impoverishes and de-humanizes. In America, the ‘flower’ of the West, the contradictions and self-negation in this process are most pronounced and grotesque as shown by popular culture which he examines extensively. “Culture of Terror” is a unique tale of imperial identity theft playing out its logic in confessions of regret, expressive instrospection (psychology) and the exhibitionism of media spectacles that absorb and program everything in the disintegrating language of its its “distraction machine.”


Professor Narrett analyzes the dark side of the War on Terror and exposes its true and startling target. You will read the news with new and opened eyes after examining this study. With his characteristic breadth of relevant sources, he examines Western culture from ancient works to post-Modernism.

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Israel and the Endtimes: Writings on the Logic and Surface Turbulence of History

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Gathered against Jerusalem

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Israel Awakened

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a Memoir of Work, Loss and Love

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