The Era of Triumphant Fictions

For months the oligarchies resident at the “United Nations,” its name a pretentious fig leaf for the great powers, have been preparing their target audience, the people of the world, for recognition of “Palestine” as home of the “Palestinian people.” This gives the lie to history. The triumph of the lie is a triumph of morbidity; evidence that society has become a ship of death.History shows that “Palestine” is the center of Israel for more than three millennia. So this ‘peace process’ of aggressive bad faith epitomizes Postmodernism in which images spun out from the media distraction machine displace history with fiction and replace what is genuine with fraud and illusions concocted to facilitate collapse of cultures into a more readily managed and impoverished global state. Post modernism may be termed the triumph of the illusion; its flip side is the burial and forgetting of history. Since “Palestine” from the first has been a rhetorical construct, the triumphalism of Imperial propaganda, the fiction of an outraged Empire and Emperor burying a stubbornly independent and original Israel, the support that Western elites have marshaled and continue to funnel toward this ‘entity’ demonstrates the investment of the West in artifice, the role that Israel plays as key target of the West’s myriad artifices and self-definition. Since Israel is integral to Western identity, this commitment to artful fraud is profoundly morbid and suicidal as the recent events in Norway illustrate (or for that matter, as one can see in the myths collected by Ovid).

The recent violence in Norway is a melancholy example of institutions exploiting rage to which their policies conduce. The pattern seen at Waco, Texas, Oklahoma City and other tragic events is replayed, albeit in lower key. The dialectic of terror and ‘security’ intensifies.

When seeking the cause of events, it is useful to ask ‘who benefits’ from them. The savagery of the bombings strengthens the hands of those that characterize resistance to cultural breakdown as ‘racist.’ The violence thus insures that the methods of such breakdown will be enhanced and that cultural fission, that causes dismay, confusion and anger, will accelerate. The cycle will intensify as it is meant to by those who manage it or else they long ago would have stopped outsourcing jobs and industry, collapsing their boundaries, dissolving public school curriculum in multi-culturalism, inviting legal and illegal immigration from radically different societies and more.

Since about 1920, Western governments, beginning with Britain, have found military, diplomatic and media-related ways to support Islamic terror. Initially this was a means for Britain to supplant the Turks and to forestall the French or Russians in dominating the Middle East. It soon became a multi-faceted War on the Jews the original integral nation and the most likely potential challenger to imperial hegemony. The numerous bans on Jewish immigration to the Promised Land during Britain’s Mandate, and the shutting of the Land’s doors to the Jews during the shoah resulted decades later in blow back as Western elites dissolved the borders of their own nations for Islamic and other hostile groups. During the 1920-48 period of the Mandate attacks on Jewish settlement, using Arab ‘irregulars’ or British troops in the post 1948 world became various initiatives to suppress the limited sovereignty the Jews had gained; and then became funding, often indirect, for Hamas, Iran – Hezbollah and associated groups like the “Palestinian Authority,” a series of front groups for attacking Israel and claiming original title to Jewish land. History is buried, new narratives concocted, rationales are found, new initiatives for ‘peace’ are touted and demanded, and, in recent decades the gates gape wide for Muslim immigration to Western nations suffering from high rates of joblessness and cultural fission. The terror deriving from the subversion of history and memory is joined by increasing physical terror to create the confusion of fantasy and fact, of image and reality that ‘justifies’ security and the ideological hegemony of those driving the new narrative and plan for ‘global peace’ and a ‘green world’ purged of its excess people.

Consistent with the disorienting ethos of ‘multi-culturalism,’ Islamic immigrants, like other groups alien to their new host culture, are encouraged to demand special privileges, emoluments and exemptions from law. This process is meant to break down stronger and wealthier nation states like those in the West; and to infuriate citizens who, tutored by the media, a tool for elite indoctrination, know they must suppress their justifiable resentment. Criticism of this process is vilified as ‘hateful,’ intolerant or ‘right-wing’ and extreme. As a result such criticism is marginalized and attracts marginal people who feel that discourse is futile (or who recognize that the dominant tendency is neither listening nor interested in debate) and who may pursue or be lured into violence. When and if this occurs, the violence is decried and critics of globalism (for that is the goal of managed cultural breakdown by Western elites) are marginalized still further. The cycle has a ‘no-exit’ quality. It is outcome-based: a “new world order” mentioned by George H. W. Bush and molded by many before him from the Round Table to the theosophists and eugenicists; the imperial global ambition of communism and the Universal Church share the general goal and are complicit in facilitating the pruning, conditioning and management of human inventory, the beloved ‘flock’ of those driving the era of world peace whose wars, as Spengler noted, are the most terrible of all in being meant to last forever.

An intra-social example of this process of prompting and suppressing anger is the essence of the divorce industry that appeared full-blown first in Anglophone nations in the 1970s and then in other states in the West. This legal process damages and destroys the relationship of children to their fathers. It usually destroys the legal and economic status of men and grants carte blanche to women. This teaches children that the mother must be obeyed and has the status of a divine being. To our key point, the father or man is treated with an injustice so extreme and cruel that outrage is a natural response. But anger must be suppressed, swallowed or denied, a boon to pharmaceutical companies and a cause for lowering male life expectancy, thus culling the herd or else the punitive injustice is intensified resulting in more anger and even anger management ‘courses’ that are required if there is to be any contact with the children at all. This is like the security measures that the Security State imposes on its citizens for their own good to save them from terrorist groups. This is the classic postmodern displacement of genuine by fiction since the main purveyors of terror and vicious punishment are the diplomatic, intelligence and legal systems in the decadent nations that drive the process. A similar analysis could be applied and a similar process discerned in the mismanagement of the economies of once prosperous nations. The managers contrive collapse to facilitate dissolution into a global system in which regulation from above will be complete. The model of the pyramid replaces that of the Temple, just as in geopolitics. The new model slavery is pushed in the names of democracy, the environment and peace. The lie and cultural petrifaction is complete: the illusion triumphs over all.

Suppose that the upper echelons in many Western governments are at war on their own cultures and indigenous people, are engaged in a war of terror whose security measures curtail civil liberties and whose power to control is the purpose of the ‘war.’ Violence that harms the civilian population adds new levels of terror and ‘justifies’ increased government security measures. This pattern is so well-established that those who perpetrate such violence in effect serve those engaged in the process of breaking down borders, economies, nations, cultures and in molding the new order. Whether they are useful idiots, misguided louts, or agents per se hardly matters to the arc of history. The pattern of terror, new security measures, stifling of dissent and cultural collapse accelerates. Short of a genuine revolution, one that eschews terror, it is difficult to see how this pattern will be broken. The media operates to preclude even the possibility of awakening by a people whose minds increasingly consist of sound bites and received ideas endlessly repeated like the sleep-teaching in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World or the constant revision of ‘the historical record’ and reduction of language in 1984. The goal is to make even a fleeting thought of dissent both terrifying and impossible. Thus the media transforms culture into a distraction machine of imagery that keeps minds numbed with clichés and imprisoning frames of reference that corral ‘thought’ on the pre-cooked issues of the day.’

Why is the West engaged in this ‘dead spiral’ of cultural implosion? More precisely, why does a dynamic, productive and historically rich culture produce institutions and leaders intent on destroying its memory, productivity, wealth and integrity? What makes people accept and even prefer imagery to facts, the artifice to the genuine? Since the last stage of this process is concluding in religious-tinged dialectic attrition perhaps the answer is in the nature of the West which the Scriptures denominate “Edom” and associate with Esau (Genesis 36:1, 8). The name “Esau” means ‘finished, done, complete’ and from the time of the Greeks what became the West is fiercely gifted in its drive to finish, refine and complete life as a project. Esau too is the inveterate enemy of Israel (which having failed to abort it beguiles with a “peace process” and American guarantees of security). A heterogeneous culture that possessed and displaced its original, the West is committed to illusion, to transforming itself into an idealized image, a perfectly managed global state filled with well-conditioned and media-‘informed’ subjects. The desire to be “as G-d” drives the West to undo itself through fictions of perfect management and designs.

In a famous commentary, Ishmael (Islam) finally tells Esau “you are unstable” in the desire to murder and displace Isaac and Jacob and to rule as god over the world. The suave and violent geopolitics of our days plays out the truth of this excursus on Genesis 26:34-5 and 28:6-9. Perhaps one day Ishmael will find the sense to disengage from the subtle games, a mixture of force and fraud, of Esau whose replacement theologies reflect its drive to displace life by illusion and substance by image giving us a nightmare present of virtual reality in which “nothing is but what is not.” Postmodern culture in which fictions replace the genuine and the constructed displaces the original, takes the West back to its beginnings as a hybrid replacement culture with the pretence of being a ‘new Israel.’ By its own logic it is “lost in bewildering terrors” and “horrible imaginings” and its myths of ‘tolerance,’ backed by punitive, militarized sanctimony, a “fatal dagger” of betrayal rooted in alienation and leading to highly controlled and de-natured societies, the “petrifact” with tutelary media and decayed cultural rituals that cannot satisfy in their representations of death. In this, Western elites themselves only represent, model and follow the pattern of ancient Hellenic aesthetics and culture in the pattern from idyll to apocalypse to elegy that expresses a dominant cultural drive to re-invent the self as an idealized image: the artifice in a rape possesses and displaces the original and genuine. “The past is erased, the erasure is forgotten, and the lie becomes truth.” This is the structure of postmodern economics, politics, geopolitics, ‘sports’ and academia; all fields blend together in and via culturetainment that serves the elite’s sculpting of an artificial ‘green’ Globe that serves their demands for concentrated wealth and power including the greatest aphrodisiac: power over the bodies and destiny of other people.

[1] Prominent among these thought and policy leaders were Lord Alfred Milner, Lionel Curtis (Civitatis Dei), eugenicist Sir Julian Huxley and H.G. Wells is his prolific later writings on behalf of “a socialist world collective” enforced by a multi-national air force. This also was emphasized by Winston Churchill in his “Sinews of Peace” or ‘Iron Curtain’ speech at Westminster College in Missouri in March 1946. Useful texts are Martin Erdman, Building the Kingdom of God on Earth (Oregon 2005) and, in revealing the occult aspect of world ‘synthesis,’ the essays of Alice Bailey in The Externalization of the Hierarchy (NY Lucis 1957, 2001)

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[4] Oswald Spengler, The Decline of the West (NY one volume English abridged edition edited by Alan Helps, translated by Charles Atkinson), 357-413; his comments on “the press” and “democracy” are very pertinent.

[5] Slight paraphrase of George Orwell, 1984, chapter 7; see chapters 3-7 on the reduction of language and burial of history and truth.

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